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Information about Tasmania's first learning federation

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For the latest information see the Contact Us page of the Jordan River Learning Federation website.

Jordan River Learning Federation



Jordan River Learning Federation


Also see the Home page of the Jordan River Learning Federation website (under development) for JRLF information from Steve Lewis, JRLF Lead Principal

In short:

and three local primary schools

have been restructured and expanded to jointly become the

  • Jordan River Learning Federation (JRLF).


BASMLF (2009): The Jordan River Learning Federation was called the Bridgewater and Southern Midlands Learning Federation (BASMLF) while construction, consultation with the community over a name and other preparations took place. For information about the background to the BASMLF, and the wider educational and community functions of the federation, see the Tasmanian Department of Education's BASMLF web page Bridgewater and Southern Midlands Learning Federation (archive).

BASMERT (2007): The BASMLF was formed following recommendations of a committee called the Bridgewater and Southern Midlands Education Renewal Taskforce (BASMERT) (archive). BASMERT was established by the Minister for Education and Skills to examine educational options for the area following the loss of the Bridgewater High School McShane Road building as a result of fire. The website contains news and photographs from that time.


A website for the Jordan River Learning Federation is being developed here. This website provides more information about the Federation, such as its goals and governance.


JRLF Middle and Senior Schools
(2014 update: the Middle School is no longer a separate campus)

The Eddington Street site of the old Bridgewater High School (a years 7 to 10 school) has been converted to
  • JRLF Middle School (years 6-8 during 2011) and
  • JRLF Senior School (years 9-12 during 2011)

NEW WEBSITES: New websites are being developed here) for the Jordan River Learning Federation.

OLD WEBSITE: In the meantime, you can use for the JRLF Middle and Senior School contact details and other information. (The old Bridgewater High website has been archived on, with some updated information.)

The Middle and Senior School internal websites (intranets) are accessible with student or staff usernames and passwords:

  • JRLF intranet See Sign In link at top right (username and password required)


Trade Training Centre

The old Bridgewater High School grounds also contain the newly built

  • Bridgewater Regional Trade Training Centre (renamed as the JRLF Bridgewater Trade Training Centre)

CONTACT DETAILS: For Trade Training Centre contact information, see the JRLF Contacts page.

BACKGROUND: For information about the Trade Training Centre's background, see the Department of Education's BASMLF Trade Training Centre (archive) page.



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