Bridgewater and Southern Midlands
Education Renewal Taskforce*

Established by the Minister for Education to examine educational options following the fire at Bridgewater High School




Terms of Reference


Minister for Education's MEDIA RELEASES:

- Bridgewater school farm to remain, 2 May 2008

- Groundbreaking education plans for Bridgewater, 30 Apr. 2008

- Bridgewater Petition, 5 Mar. 2008

- Bridgewater High Update, 24 Dec. 2007

- Community Taskforce to Explore Education Options for Bridgewater, 7 Nov. 2007


Community Update No.  6 (Word doc)

Community Update No.  5 (Word doc)

Community Update No.  4 (Word doc)

Community Update No.  3 (Word doc)

Community Update No.  2 (Word doc)

Community Update No.  1 (Word doc)

Public Consultation Workshop (Word doc)

Report on the focus groups and public workshop (Word doc)




Terms of Reference


The Taskforce is required to advise the Minister for Education on the following questions:

  • What are the likely future enrolments in State schools in the whole area? This will involve estimating any likely increase (or decrease) in the population of the area due to current and future developments.

  • How can we make sure that the way schools in the area are organised in the future fits with Department of Education policies and Local Government priorities?

  • How well are existing schools and other facilities actually meeting the educational needs of the community? In this question we are thinking about “educational needs” of babies to adults with all ages in between.

  • What should new educational buildings look like so that they deliver everything that young people in this area need from their education?

  • How can we best provide opportunities for students in the area to continue into Grades 11 and 12 and beyond? This may involve some sort of training facilities and must link with the current review of Colleges and TAFE (Tasmania Tomorrow).

  • How will education in the area be managed in the future?



*The Taskforce will set up its own website soon. In the meantime, updates and other Taskforce information will be provided at this site (BASMERT - Updates will also be available at Brighton Alive and the Bridgewater-Brighton Online Access Centre website.



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