Bridgewater and Southern Midlands
Education Renewal Taskforce*

Established by the Minister for Education to examine educational options following the fire at Bridgewater High School




Terms of Reference


Minister for Education's MEDIA RELEASES:

- Bridgewater school farm to remain, 2 May 2008

- Groundbreaking education plans for Bridgewater, 30 Apr. 2008

- Bridgewater Petition, 5 Mar. 2008

- Bridgewater High Update, 24 Dec. 2007

- Community Taskforce to Explore Education Options for Bridgewater, 7 Nov. 2007


Community Update No.  6 (Word doc)

Community Update No.  5 (Word doc)

Community Update No.  4 (Word doc)

Community Update No.  3 (Word doc)

Community Update No.  2 (Word doc)

Community Update No.  1 (Word doc)

Public Consultation Workshop (Word doc)

Report on the focus groups and public workshop (Word doc)


  Community Update Number 1 - December 2007 

The Taskforce has met twice now and we believe that it is very important to keep the community up to date with our work. Here are a few points about what the group has been asked to do, how we will be doing it and when:

  • We intend to have a website specially set up for the Taskforce but in the meantime we will post information on the Bridgewater High School website and the Brighton Alive website

  • We have been asked to look at education in a very broad way for all ages and for the whole of the Bridgewater and Southern Midlands community.

  • The exact details of this task have been set out in the “Terms of Reference” which appear on the websites mentioned above. (See link at left.)

  • We all see this as an opportunity to improve on the educational facilities we had in this area before the fire.

  • No decision has been taken at this stage about what will be built or where.

  • The Taskforce will conduct a wide survey of the community. This will be done by an independent consultant. The results of the survey will be reported back to the community and everyone will be given an opportunity to respond. This process will be very important in helping the Taskforce make decisions.

  • The Taskforce has to report back to the Minister by the end of March 2008.

  • There is a list of Taskforce Members and a Timeline on the websites. (See links at left.)

Should you wish to ask questions about any of this or make a comment, please do so by e-mail to

See also:

Taskforce Membership

Terms of Reference

Taskforce Timeline

To print or download the above information, click on the Community Update No. 1 link at left.

*The Taskforce will set up its own website soon. In the meantime, updates and other Taskforce information will be provided at this site (BASMERT - Updates will also be available at Brighton Alive and the Bridgewater-Brighton Online Access Centre website.



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